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Mike Duffy




September 16, 2014

Donald Bayne, speaks to reporters outside the Ottawa courthouse.

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Release Date: July 17, 2014

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Senator Duffy
7 November 2013

Mike Duffy complies with RCMP Senate probe for PMO emails

Senator Mike Duffy's lawyer has begun turning over hundreds of emails to the RCMP following a request by the Mounties last Friday to hand over documentation that may prove to be "evidence of criminal wrongdoing by others," CBC News has learned.

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Mike Duffy
21 october 2013

The Rest of the Story:

Mike Duffy's lawyer meets the Press!

NEWS CONFERENCE BY DON BAYNE, Lawyer for Senator Mike Duffy (Transcript)


CBC "At Issue" Panel

The At Issue panel gives their thoughts on the latest details in the Senate expense scandal, including what Mike Duffy's lawyer alleges the PMO did.

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Remembrance Day 2011

Mike Duffy
Senator Mike Duffy lays a wreath in Charlottetown during the Remembrance Day Service.. read

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Senator Duffy's address marking the 160th anniversary of Responsible Government on PEI.

Mike Duffy
Mike is greeted by Hon Kathleen Casey, Speaker; and Marian Johnston, Clerk of the PEI Legislature.

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Address by Senator Mike Duffy, to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture Chateau Laurier Hotel, Ottawa.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen: I could not be happier being here tonight to address this gathering in honour of the 75th Anniversary of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. >>>

Why I am a Conservative -- By Senator Mike Duffy

"I'm proud to be a Conservative. As the Prime Minister said at the Conservative policy convention last November: "The Conservative Party is Canada's party." " more>>>

Mike Duffy appointed to The Senate of Canada.

On January 26, 2009, Mike Duffy embarked on a new career as a member of the Senate of Canada, representing his home province of Prince Edward Island. As a Senator, Mike has been active on the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry and the Standing Committee on Rules, Procedures and the Rights of Parliament.

After a long and distinguished career in journalism, Mike left his position as host of CTV's Mike Duffy Live, where “Duff`" was seen by millions of Canadians as the most authoritative broadcaster commenting on the political life of Canada.

Mike moved to Ottawa in 1971 and began covering news from Parliament Hill. He joined CBC Radio News in 1974, continued with CBC TV’s “The National” in 1978 and made the move to CTV in 1988.

He is a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame and is the recipient of an ACTRA award for live TV reporting.

In addition to his numerous awards and citations, Mike is a former Visiting Fellow at Duke University; and he has received honorary degrees from the University of Prince Edward Island, PEI; from Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY; and from Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, ON.


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